Where can I get a Covid Test in Pentonville?

Covid-19 testing Pentonville

Living or working in Pentonville opens up many options for getting a Covid-19 test. With tube, taxi and bus routes that can take you anywhere in the city, we offer a UK Government accredited testing clinic a little closer to home, saving you time and money on journeys outside of the Pentonville area.

There are several different private testing facilities close to Pentonville that will offer Covid tests. We have been located in Upper Street in Islington since January 2021.

Offering a clean and disinfected clinic to complete your private test. We have a socially distanced seating area for customers, so if you’ve walked up from Pentonville you will be welcomed with a comfy seat whilst we discuss your appointment requirements.

As you may have heard in the news over the past month or so, there are a lot of Covid testing businesses in Pentonville and across the UK that are not performing to government requirements. In such instances we fully support the governments interaction with such businesses, especially if the service being offered is not meeting the required standards.

We undertake all possible steps to provide you the customer with a clean, friendly, fast and efficient service at our clinic. We have recently had UCAS examine our business to the highest standards that they require.

What Covid tests do you offer at your Clinic near Pentonville?

We are able to offer many different tests at our Covid testing clinic close to Pentonville, with the tests themselves dependent on our customer requirements. As an example we offer three main services that are dependent on how quickly you require your results. We can have results back to you within 6 hours when sent to our Laboratory if needed, or we can offer a 24hour or 2 day service. The tests we perform are:

If you are not able to visit our Covid testing clinic near Pentonville, we do offer the ability for you to complete tests from the comfort of your home with our Covid-19 postal testing kits.

Each of the tests noted above can be completed from home, although with the Fit to Fly, you may need to attend the clinic dependent on requirements of your travel plans.

How to find Covid testing local to Pentonville:

We are only a short journey from Pentonville.

If you’re feeling healthy you can walk to us, catch a bus, taxi or jump in the car. You can find us at 293 Upper Street.

Buses may be boarded at Penton Street at bus stop “PK”. There should be a bus arriving every 10 minutes (No 30). Jump off at Saint Mary’s Church stop on Upper Street (only a 15 minute journey).

Our nearest tube station is Highbury & Islington, however you may also find us close to Angel, Caledonian Road & Barnsbury. Angel is our second closest station, and we are only a short walk from Caledonian Road.

What is your address:

For a Covid test Pentonville; Our Covid Testing Clinic is located close by at 239 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 2TU

Do I need to book an appointment?

We offer both booked appointments as well as walk in appointments at our Covid testing clinic at Upper Street, Islington, but it is always nice to know you’re on your way. A booked appointment will guarantee you an exact time slot so you can be sure we will be ready to welcome you and have your testing area cleaned and disinfected before your arrival.

For Covid Testing appointments in Islington of groups of 4 or more, please do call us in advance.

How may I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is by telephone on 0203 095 3000, or email info@wimpolemed.com. You may also contact us through our contact form.

Can I book a test for more than one person?

Covid Testing appointments in Islington of groups of 4 or more, please do call us in advance.

Will you visit my business in Pentonville to test all of my staff?

We do offer Corporate appointments where we can test your whole office or just the staff members that require a test to complete their daily tasks. We are able to cover all of the Pentonville area postcodes. Please call for more information and pricing. Pricing discounts available for multiple tests.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.