Covid-19 PCR – Day 8 Covid Test




Day 8 Covid-19 test kit.

This test should be completed by all travellers arriving into England from any destination that is classed as:
An ‘amber country’ as noted by the UK Government’s traffic light system, and you have not been fully vaccinated.

How do I know if I am fully vaccinated, what does this mean?  To be fully vaccinated means you have had BOTH vaccination doses under either.

  • The UK mandated vaccination programme.
  • You have used a UK vaccine programme based overseas.
  • You have used an approved vaccination programme in Europe or America.

Please check with the UK Government website to see if your vaccination programme is recognised.

Each of our test kits come with full instructions on how to perform the test correctly. There will be a prepaid return envelope that is sent directly to our laboratory. Once received, our laboratory will issue your results in 24 hours.