COVID-19 Test Information

The COVID-19 tests allowed us to determine if someone had COVID-19 at the time the testing took place.

We offered both the RT-PCR Antigen test as well as Rapid Antigen test. If tests proved to be negative, we supplied a Certificate of testing (Fit to Fly Certificate) or a Day two certificate after arrival into the UK.

If customers had symptoms of COVID-19; we were unable to test them onsite but were more than happy to assist with home testing requirements.

In-Clinic Appointments – What was Expected?

All customers that attended the clinic had to wear a face covering or mask.

Customers were required to sanitise hands upon arrival and have their forehead temperature taken as a safety precaution.

Tests were all carried out by highly trained medical team members.

Test samples would then be couriered to the laboratory on the same day to ensure we obtained results in a rapid time.

What was a Fit to Fly test?

A Fit to Fly test was a PCR or Antigen Swab test that people were required to take if they planed to travel or needed to prove that they didn’t have coronavirus.

Before travel, people needed a certificate which could only be provided with a negative result.

Most countries of travel required the test to be carried out within 72 hours of departure (some countries were within the arrival time).

A Fit to Fly certificate was provided if results were negative. Please note these tests were mandatory and required before anyone could travel.

What is Return to the UK test?

People traveling to England from abroard, needed proof that they were negative for COVID-19.

What is an Antibody test?

When you’re fighting an infection, your immune system produces antibodies.

These antibodies remain in your blood after your recovery. If customers had COVID-19, even if they’d had no symptoms, antibodies are likely to be found in the blood.

This test drew a sample of your blood which was then analysed to see if the COVID-19 antibodies – known as SARS-CoV-2 – were present.

The antibody test is 100% sensitive, 99% specific and over 90% accurate.

If someone believed they had had COVID-19 (in the last 10 days), we recommended the IgG test which would pick up any antibodies that have formed.

If someone believed they may have COVID-19 at the time of testing, or within the last week, we recommended the IgM test which will pick up new antibodies that have just formed or are currently forming.

What is the Day 2 Covid test?

For people that did not qualify as fully vaccinated when entering the UK. This test was to be taken after arrival to the UK.

Travellers were required to book and purchase Day 2 Covid tests prior to travel. This test should of been taken after arrival back into the UK.