Covid Tests in North London

Covid tests in North London

Wimpole Medical offer same day Covid tests in North London. If your catching the Eurostar we offer a same day covid test close to Kings Cross. We have a private Covid testing clinic in Islington, North London

There are now over 50 different Covid testing facilities in North London, all offering a similar testing service. Each of the testing facilities available will complete your test and then return your results in set time frames, depending on the pricing structure the customer chooses.

Wimpole Medical is based in Islington on Upper Street, and if you are unable to visit us in our private testing clinic then we also cover most of the Islington postcodes if a test at home, test in the office or a test at work service is required.

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Wimpole Medical is fully accredited by the UK Government and in such we only use registered laboratories to complete our Covid-19 testing requirements. Once we have completed a Covid-19 test we can guarantee a result time of 5 hours if choosing our same day result service*.

A lot of our customers are business based who are looking to fly abroad for business meetings and require a Fit to Fly test certificate.

Many of these customers also require a return to UK test and also a Day 2 & day 8 test when they isolate after returning to England.

When should you get a Covid test?

We advise everyone to get a Covid-19 test in North London if you are showing any signs of Covid19, such as a high temperature, a new and continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

What are the main tests that I can get for a covid test in North London?

There are two main types of testing that we can perform at our private covid testing clinic in Islington, these are:

  • A PCR test – These tests are mainly for those with symptoms of Covid-19. We send these tests to a laboratory to be checked with results being returned within 5 hours as our fastest service. This means we can offer same day covid tests in North London.
  • A Rapid lateral flow test. These tests are usually for people who do not show any signs of Covid 19. The test offer rapid results using a device that looks similar to a pregnancy test.

Both tests require rubbing a long cotton bud (or swab) across the area of the throat where the tonsils would be. Sometimes this may feel a little uncomfortable but it is only a brief discomfort and does not hurt.

What should I do if I test positive for Covid-19?

If you have received a positive result it means that you had Covid-19 when the test was completed.

First you must isolate yourself immediately. If you had your Covid test in North London and this is where you live, you should go straight home and isolate. If you meet anyone along the way, you should keep your distance from them. If you can not keep your distance, you should advise them that you have tested positive so they may then get a covid test themselves.

You may be contacted whilst you are isolating and offered help if required.

Tell your workplace that you have to self isolate, and inform them that anyone you worked with should also get tested.

Self isolation after a positive Covid test in North London is mandatory and you may be fined if you do not follow the government guidelines on self isolation periods.

Home Covid test kits

We also offer a range of home Covid test kits if you are unable to journey to our private covid testing clinic in Islington, North London.

Visiting our private Covid testing clinic in Upper Street, Islington

We are always happy to see you at our testing clinic however please do attend the clinic with a face covering or mask. You will be required to sanitise your hands upon arrival and have your forehead temperature taken as a safety precaution. You will also be screened prior to your appointment.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19; we would not be able to test you onsite but are more than happy to assist you with your testing requirements. We are able to supply you a home testing kit that will determine if you have COVID-19.

*For same day results in 5 hours, your test must be completed before 10:30am